Welcome to Salisbury Vineyard’s Dream Centre.

The bible says that God speaks to us in our dreams. It is our experience that this is often the case, but dreams can be hard to understand. How do we know what God is saying, and what to dismiss as “our stuff?”

We would love to help you find the hidden meanings in your dreams.  We believe that dreams have a purpose and can tell us important things about ourselves, our lives, our friends and families. If you have a dream that you would like to understand, email a description of your dream to the Salisbury Vineyard Dream Centre below.

Include as much detail as possible in your description, and we will seek out the meaning. Colours, moods, feelings and people are all keys to dream interpretation, so try and write down everything you can remember – even the smallest detail can be a clue.

Here are some questions that will help us to understand your dream:

  • Where are you in the dream? Are you in it? Watching it? Are you the star or a spectator?
  • What time is your dream happening? Is it day? Night? Dark or light?
  • Where is it happening? In your current home? Or school? Workplace? Or somewhere from your past?
  • Who else features in your dream? Do they have a major or minor role?
  • Is it a recurrent dream? Or a one off?
  • How did you feel when you woke up?

We will email you our interpretation as soon as we can. If we need clarification on some detail of your dream, we may email you to ask some questions that will help us to be more specific in our interpretation. Your emails are confidential and will only be seen by our team.

Happy dreaming!