I'm often asked how is it that I find myself travelling twice a week to church that is an hour from my home and the only answer I can give is “ its one of those God stories!”

This story started when a crisis hit! I contacted  a friend of mine who lives in Norway. He instructed me to contact a couple he knew in California that could help me. They told me to look up a couple called Ed and Clare Evans who were pastors of a church in Salisbury. "Did I know where Salisbury was?”

From the first moment of contact I was greeted with so much compassion. People were genuinely interested in me and there was no way I was going to be able to hide at the back and leave undetected. The music was great, the preach was relevant and then time was given for us to meet with Jesus in prayer.

I have since been attending the church for six months, I’ve settled into a house group and I’m supported by selfless leaders who go out of their way to help, support, encourage and equip.

In this church the people are real, God is present and you never leave the same way you came in.