I grew up in a Christian home as my father was an Anglican minister. As a young adult I had been part of a Fellowship church and got married in the church. However as a family we moved away from regular church attending, even though I had never given up my faith. Unfortunately my life since had its ups and down. Finally my life turned completely upside down when I found out something about my husband meant that I couldn’t stay in the marriage. As a result I moved to be closer to my work and once my family was settled I sought to find a church and come close to God once more.

I had intended to try a number of churches. Salisbury Vineyard was the second church I tried and I stayed. The welcome was great and people were supportive and non-judgemental of my story. I joined an Alpha group at the church and reconnected to Jesus once more. Since then God has made himself known to me in such a real way through many prophecies, times of prayer and the outstanding teaching each week.  God has healed me of my broken heart and the trauma I suffered. He has also shown me how to forgive. I now look forward to a happy future being intimate with my Heavenly Father and serving him in many new ways with the support of my new friends at the church.