I used to go to a Vineyard church in London, and the minute I walked into Salisbury Vineyard Church in Salisbury I felt not only hungry and thirsty spiritually, but instantly at home. That was ten years ago, having moved back to Dorset, and with two young children.

Now I can't imagine life without the friendships, fellowship and teaching that have been so enriching since then; a lot has happened to me personally during this time. I have learned that when the Body of Christ is healthy and functioning, it encompasses all the experiences we can have on this earth - becoming a vehicle for healing and wholeness from brokenness, beauty from ashes, and life in all its fullness. Just as Jesus taught. I have seen the Lord at work so clearly not only in my life but in the lives of those around me, bringing restoration, growth and maturity as Holy Spirit is at work. He also brings a lot of joy and laughter!