Talking about chuckling to myself...I seem to be doing a lot of that recently. Clare and I have been watching West Wing - a TV drama about the White House. Apparently White House staff spend much of their time walking very fast between each others offices as they discuss how to "manage" public opinion. I enjoyed it, for while.

Sensing that I was beginning to lose interest, my beautiful wife produced a box set of Yes Minister - as you do.

And this has made me chuckle. It is witty, and very well acted, but what has struck me is the contrast between an American TV series and a British one. Both are about government. West Wing is all about professionals, honour and confrontation. Yes Minister is all about incompetence, failure and corruption. What I want to know is why I, and why we (the Brits) appreciate this kind of humour. Here is a comedy that makes a mockery of our government and its so funny.

Laughter is good. In fact Solomon goes as far as saying that it's like medicine (Proverbs 17:22). So watching Yes Minister is making me more healthy. But also in the back of my mind is something I heard someone say recently: "Humour shouldn't cost anyone." So I am setting myself a challenge as part of a quest to be more joy full - to find funny things that don't cost anyone. Do such things exist?