"I've been coming to SVC for over 10 years now, and LOVE it! From the very first Sunday I walked in, I as welcomed with opened arms. People quickly introduced themselves and sat with me, and I felt safe, peaceful and knew I'd found my spiritual home. I was free to be me, and could meet God whatever state I was in, be it tearful, feeling blessed, or during the darkest moments.

I've spent much of my life in hospital battling chronic disease, and the Church has been incredible. House groups have met at the hospital so I could be included, people have prayed and visited me tirelessly for over a decade, and this year, I was part of a true miracle! I was readmitted to hospital with severe pneumonia and sepsis, but deteriorated and ended up in Intensive Care. I went into respiratory failure and had to be placed on life support. At this point, my family were told I was extremely unlikely to survive an hour, and to say their goodbyes.

Jesus was right there with me through it all
— Naomi

SVC had already rallied round, but redoubled their efforts in prayer. That night a member of the church stood by my bed and prayed into the early hours of the morning. Despite every ITU Consultants' predication, Jesus won over, and incredibly 10 days later I woke up with NO sign of brain damage - a second miracle, as I had been desperately starved of oxygen for more than two weeks. Praise God!

Even though I was deeply unconscious, I can honestly say that I felt the overwhelming love from everyone at Church. It was tangible, palpable, and utterly real. And I know Jesus was right there with me through it all.