When we first visited Kakamega in November 2006, this was their school:

100 children crammed into tiny classrooms with very little natural light. Since then Andrew & Lucy have been very busy. With help from friends in London they purchased some land and began to build a school. They did not have enough money to build everything in one go, so what they have done is build an extra classroom each year. The school now has 300 students. Many of these are orphans. But RUSH Academy also accepts paying students. The idea is that the education of the orphans is funded by families who can pay for their kids to attend school.

For this to work, RUSH Academy has to be a school worth sending your children to. For every two fee paying students, one orphan can be educated. Using newly qualified teachers, Andrew & Lucy have seen the school rise to the top of the provincial league tables. Each year they hold a prayer meeting for those taking exams and local pastors come and lay hands on the children and pray for their success. RUSH has now embarked on building a Secondary School (one classroom at a time) to take on. some of the top performing students in Western Province, Kenya.