For over a year now we have had the great pleasure of taking a Sunday morning service at Milford House Care Home. My mother had lived there, and always really missed church on a Sunday morning, so I decided to see if I could take church to her. We were given great encouragement by the manager of Milford House and the Activities Co-ordinator, not to mention Salisbury Vineyard. I became a registered volunteer with the great title of Volunteer Prayer Co-ordinator!

We are a team of 3 and take a service once a month. We sing rousing hymns which everyone either sings or nods to or taps a foot! They often bring back great memories; last week we sang Love Divine All Love Excelling and 2 ladies said they’d had it at their weddings and one at her husband’s funeral. Music is so stirring, and some of the words to the hymns so powerful in proclaiming truth and bringing comfort.

We have a discussion based around a familiar bible story and get some great answers to questions posed. In every story there is a message about hope and God’s love for us. We ask the Holy Spirit to make that real to each of us.

We always say the Lord’s Prayer and it is such a joy to say it together and hear everyone joining in. We lead prayers and at the end of the service offer to pray one to one for  individual needs or anxieties.

Taking the services is an absolute joy, and in September we will take 2 a month. Staff have said to me how much everyone looks forward to it, and that the place always feels different after we’ve left. How lovely is that?

We sing rousing hymns which everyone either sings or nods to or taps a foot!
— Jennie