Morning Star is a residential charity which takes in men with drug or alcohol related issues as well as running the soup run in Salisbury. I have been going along for about 5 years running cooking sessions with a number of the residents. It is an opportunity for the guys to learn a new skill but it is also gives them a way of producing something for the whole group. Something everyone can enjoy. It is a great esteem builder.

We have a lot of fun in the cooking sessions and we do a lot of experiments which rely on the adventurous nature of our cooks. I can honestly say everyone of the guys have turned the most wonderful meals which is is a great confidence booster. It is great to see the guys getting more chatty, confident and creative.

We usually start by making a lasagne which operates on the premise that if you can make a meat sauce and a white sauce you can do any number of dishes. I asked my current cooks what they enjoyed most about our sessions. They said: "being able to learn simple things and not feeling silly if I ask a question; trying new dishes; getting to know Sandra - building relationships; the chocolate shards were lovely!"

It is a real privilege for me to visit Morning Star and I love every minute of my time there. I have met some amazing people and it is so encouraging being part of someone's journey to recovery. And the best bit? Seeing people come to know Jesus and have their lives changed for good.