I have yet to try one, but apparently there is a Salisbury take-away that knows how to make them. The Winchester Kebab is a giant pitta bursting at the seams with chips and donna meat. Sounds like you need to fast for a day before trying one.

For me, its only a short step from thinking about kebabs to joy. So here we go...I am seeing that joy is something that needs to be fed. On what? Well there are snacks - those magic moments of joy when something wonderful happens. Sometimes you can go looking for them, and sometimes they just arrive - either way they are great. But good as they are, snacks don't make for fullness, health and strength. Bring on the Winchester Kebab.

My quest for humour that doesn't cost is like going out to buy snacks. This is great, but what happens when they are gone, when the moment has passed, when the story has been told until it isn't funny any more. Thank God for kebabs! Bring on the Winchester Kebab - because fullness of joy is going to require more than snacking. I'm hungry now...