"From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere." Dr Suess. Its from one of those books I have read to the kids so many times that I know parts of it off by heart.

And Dr Suess is right - funny things are everywhere. Take this for example:

How cool is that! Its like a red letter day experience just for the loo. All that is missing are a few spectators. You could even go one better than that. Collect your 3D glasses on the way in. Once settled, press the "play" button, hurtle down the slope, soar through the air, and land perfectly without ever having left your seat. Either the experience would have been a complete success, or you would have been so scared you no longer needed to go.

I think these are a great idea, the possibilities are endless and they should be the next in thing for home improvement. It's true, laughter is good medicine, I feel better already.