To laugh, you have to let go of something (Steve Backlund). I made a list of things I sometimes hold on to. Things I use to stop me from laughing or as an excuse not to laugh.

  • What other people will think
  • A problem
  • All the things on my "To do" list - more important things
  • A feeling (anger, sorry for myself, low)
  • Not wanting someone else to gain from a change of atmosphere
  • Being grown up
  • Time (to laugh would be to waste it)
  • My dignity
  • Tiredness
  • The point in question

And when I look at the list, I wonder why I would want to hold on to these things anyway.

This is even before thinking about all that I would gain from laughing more and being more joy-full. So I resolve to let go and laugh more - a no brainer if you ask me.