Here is joy. Andrew is a friend of mine who was told some years ago that unless he had major surgery to remove a tumor he would die. We prayed that God would heal him, and the morning of the operation the surgeon decided to re-run all the tests (this wasn't planned). They couldn't find the tumor. God is so good!

But there was a twist to the story. Two years later symptoms returned and doctors confirmed that the tumor was back with a vengeance. I'll let Andrew take up the story at this point...

Seeing God at work in Andrew's life, seeing Andrew's faith, watching the goodness of God unfold has been such a joy - and it still is. This is something I rejoice in. To rejoice is to go back to a joyful memory and enjoy it all over again. If joy is something that can be re-visited again and again, then rejoicing must be something we can do to be more joy full.