A couple, David and Sheila started coming some months ago to our Care Home Service. They had had to leave behind their beloved Baptist church that Sheila had attended since she was a little girl. Some weeks they would be picked up and go back, other weeks they would come to us. As David became increasingly unwell, Sheila might go to their church and David would come to join us on his own. And then Sheila would come on her own when David was not well enough to get up. Then we always had the opportunity to go and pray with David in their room afterwards.

They had been married for 66 years, and about a month ago David died. He died at 6pm on a Saturday evening and the next morning Sheila came to the service, and sang and cried her way through it. She said it was the place she wanted to be that morning. The next time I saw her she had lost every hair on her head and was suffering so much from losing David and carrying on without him. But she was not downhearted and loves to tell us that David’s just gone on ahead, and told her he would say to God, ‘don’t forget my little wife down there!’

We have amazing favour at the home and it is truly a privilege and an honour to go and worship and share God’s goodness with some remarkable people. Each of us leaves there with our hearts singing – usually ‘How Great Thou Art.’