Enrich Your Marriage Experience.

Love After Marriage, is a workshop for married couples that aims to enrich their marriage experience. It helps couples overcome things that have been subtracting from their relationship, and releases couples into what God intended marriage would be.

The workshop consists of DVD teaching from Barry & Lori Byrne, small group activity, discussion and Holy Spirit ministry. It is designed to set healthy marriages on fire and to rekindle struggling marriages. Each session equips couples with practical tools and exercises that they can use to increase understanding and intimacy between one another.

Every area of our marriage has changed
and in some areas it has jumped forward!
— T

Next course starts Autumn 2018

The workshop is run over three weekends - a Friday evening & all day Saturday once a month for three consecutive months.  Each couple is set homework to complete before the next session. The effectiveness of the course depends a lot on couples doing this homework together and investing time in their relationship.

For those who have done the course, we offer “top up” evenings. Three to four times a year we invite everyone back together. We revisit some of the tools that were taught by the course and cover other topics that will further enrich each marriage.

God intended that marriage be the most fulfilling human relationship we experience on earth.

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