Love Can grow!

LoveBuilder gave us the space to start communicating properly again...leading to better connection and intimacy
— E

Under the right conditions love will grow…

This means that in a committed relationship the connection between two people can get better and better. It can go from great to greater! LoveBuilder is an ambitious project that aims to help couples experience “more” in their relationship. It consists of four workshops – one evening a week (7.30pm – 10pm) over four weeks. Each session includes a presentation, group discussion and some work with your other half. Our goal is to equip you with practical tools that will help you to take your love to a whole new level.

Our commitment to LoveBuilder couples is that we will be for you. We will add our strength to yours. In return we ask that you also commit to investing in your relationship, it’s long term health and happiness.

Who is it for? 

LoveBuilder is open to any couple who is committed to one other and wants more for their relationship. This is the only requirement. LoveBuilder is hosted by Salisbury Vineyard Church. You do not need to have a faith to attend, and neither will we force our beliefs upon you. LoveBuilder is not a course about Christianity…its about you, your love, and your long term success! We would count it an honour to be able to invest in you.

What topics are covered? 

The four sessions are titled:

  • The gift of understanding

  • What is really true about you

  • Reconnecting after a disconnect

  • Growing a great sex life.

Is it free? 

We make a small charge per couple to help towards our costs. To attend the four sessions there is a one off charge of £16 per couple.


Thank you for believing in us
— H
We are laughing together again
— B
I couldn’t recommend the course more highly to friends
— C
I was sorry it had finished
— J

And what about LoveBuilder II?

We are excited to invite those who have completed LoveBuilder back to continue to invest in their relationship. LoveBuilder II consists of another four sessions that will have you and your partner working together to communicate more clearly, understand each other more deeply and be better at meeting each other’s needs.

The evenings will have a similar format to those of LoveBuilder. The sessions are titled:

How to be happy

Getting your message across


Talking about sex


We look forward to welcoming you back for more!

Here’s what others have said about LoveBuilder II

It was great fun!
— B
A rewarding investment
— M
It was fun. It was deep.
— J