Doing a great job raising great kids

A child’s success in life hinges largely on the job we do as parents.

Most people enter into parenting with high expectations and great intentions...

All parents face the same challenge of raising kids who have a good chance of becoming responsible adults. With this in mind we want to do everything we can to set our kids up to succeed. For most of us this means applying the parenting techniques that were used on us, or doing our best to do the exact opposite of what was used on us.

Either way, sooner or later most parents find that they could be better equipped. ParentBuilder aims to do exactly that. What you learn will not be fool proof and neither will it work every time - nothing does. But ParentBuilder will help you to create an environment in which your child feels both loved and empowered...and we believe that these are key ingredients to their long term success and you enjoying being a parent.

The next ParentBuilder Course Is:

7th, 14th, 21st, 28th November and 5th December 2019

Who is it for? 

ParentBuilder is open to any parent or prospective parent who wants to be better equipped (regardless of the age of your kids). It is hosted by Salisbury Vineyard Church. You do not need to have a faith to attend, and neither will we force our beliefs upon you. ParentBuilder is not a course about Christianity…its about you, your family, and your long term success! We would count it an honour to be able to invest in you.

What topics are covered? 

Some of the topics we will cover are:

  • Putting an end to arguing

  • Avoiding power struggles

  • Teaching responsibility

  • Setting limits

  • Teaching kids to own and solve their problems

  • Chores

Is it free? 

There is a small charge for attending the course and which helps towards our costs. To attend all four sessions there is a one off charge of £5.50 per family.


Great tools, great laughs and a happy family
— C
We have gone from feeling helpless to feeling empowered
— J
Extremely useful
— B
My children are doing more for themselves
— Ju