Our vision is

To bring life to every area of our community

and to equip people to Do it the “with God” way.

We believe that when people experience God’s love, and respond to it by loving Him and loving others, the world will be changed for good.

We exist to be a delight to God and to enjoy Him forever! Because of this, worship is our priority. We will worship with passion and intimacy. We believe that God is close and that He can be experienced. In fact, He seeks relationship with us. We are committed to this relationship above all others.

We exist to be lovers of Jesus. He gave His life for us, and so we live to spend every breath, every heartbeat, and all our devotion on Him. He is everything to us, and because of this we are committed to extending His influence in our community in ways that will make Him famous for His love and goodness.

We believe, We live expectant, We are committed

We exist to host the Presence and power of God’s Holy Spirit. Because of this, we live expectant that this intimate fellowship will transform our lives and the lives of those around us for good. His Presence in us means that we carry heaven’s provision and wisdom wherever we go. We are committed to learning how to release this for the good of those around us and in ways that bring glory to God.

We exist to equip people to live lives that champion God’s cause. Such lives are rooted deeply in a living connection with God. We will help people make, sustain and amplify that connection. We are committed to calling out the gifts, talents and God given destiny in people and then encouraging them to pursue these as part of a “with God” life.  We believe that in doing this, whole communities will benefit and thrive because of God’s generosity and goodness.

We will teach people how to live God’s way because we believe this is the best and most fruitful way to live. We will teach the Bible - making it practical, real and central to life. We are committed to fulfilled marriages, loving families, healthy friendships, serving the poor and bringing the best out of our city.

We exist to work in alliance with God and to extend His government and agenda - beginning with our own lives, and then extending our city, our nation, and the very ends of the earth. We are committed to the success and glory of His church.

 lives rooted deeply in a living connection with God

and in so doing Giving life to the world!