We encourage everyone to join a Small Group.

Our goal at Salisbury Vineyard Church is to bring out the best in you. Small Groups are where this begins. They are gatherings of 8-20 people who meet weekly in someone's home. Being part of a small group is not about committing to another meeting, but about committing to a group of people. This group will share the rough and the smooth of their lives together. They will laugh together, worship together, pray together, and live out their faith together.

Loving God and loving others takes on a whole new dimension in these groups. Here everyone gets to be heard and cared for. Here relationships move beyond the superficial and people enrich each other’s lives. It is a place to know and become known by others - and in our experience this is where significant spiritual growth happens.

We encourage everyone who feels that Salisbury Vineyard is their church home to see joining a Small Group as a good next step.

Each of our small groups has an unique flavour and emphasis.
You are free to choose The group that best suits you.